Sino-High  •  Innovation Cooperation


(1) Continuous technological innovation ability
The company has been deeply engaged in aromatic ketone products for more than ten years. The continuous technological innovation ability is the core competitiveness of the company to maintain its market leading position. Through continuous R & D investment and technological innovation, the company continues to improve the production process and increase product reserves. On the one hand, it improves the quality and purity of products, and has strong bargaining power. On the other hand, it can adjust the product structure according to the market demand, improve the utilization efficiency of the production line, effectively reduce the production cost and disperse the operation risk.

Up to now, the company has a number of patented and non patented technologies, including 8 invention patents, 12 utility model patents and 10 non patented technologies. The company's core raw materials of special engineering plastics DFBP, photoinitiator ITF, cosmetic raw materials HAP and map have been recognized as high-tech products by the Department of science and technology of Jiangsu Province.

(2) High quality customer resources
The company's R & D and technical service capabilities, product quality and stable supply capacity have been fully recognized by customers. The company has established long-term cooperative relations with international well-known chemical groups such as Solvay, Victrex, Evonik, IgM, symrise and jiuri new materials or listed companies at home and abroad. During the reporting period, the company's revenue from the above customers accounted for more than 40%.

DFBP produced by the company is mainly used as the monomer of special engineering plastic Peek (polyether ether ketone). The main customers of this product are Victrex (wiggs), Solvay (Solvay) and Evonik (Evonik), which are the top three PEEK material manufacturers in the world respectively; The photoinitiators such as MBP, PBZ and ITF produced by the company are the key components of light curing coatings and inks. IGM (aijianmeng), the main customer of the product, is the world's leading manufacturer of light curing materials, and jiuri new material is an important manufacturer of light curing materials in China; The HAP produced by the company is one of the new functional cosmetic materials. 

(3) Rich product line and flexible production arrangement
The company's production line can produce various aromatic ketone products based on Fourier reaction, which has obvious flexibility in specific production arrangement. The company can flexibly arrange production plans according to customer orders and make full use of equipment capacity. On the other hand, the general production line and flexible production arrangement also enable the company to meet the diversified procurement needs of downstream customers and help reduce the company's dependence on a downstream industry.

(4) Continuous and stable supply capacity
In order to ensure the stability of the supply system, customers put forward more requirements for the supplier's ability to continuously and stably provide high-quality products. The company has a production capacity of 4200 tons of aromatic ketone products. 8000 tons of production capacity will be added after the project is completed. It is an important supplier in the industry; The company has established a long-term, sustained and stable cooperative relationship with upstream raw material suppliers and has a stable raw material supply system; The company is located in Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park, and has excellent environmental protection and safety production management, which can ensure uninterrupted normal production. Therefore, the company can maintain a long-term and stable cooperative relationship with downstream high-quality customers.