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(1) Location advantages of Nanjing Chemical Industry Park
The company is located in Nanjing Chemical Industrial Park with "industrial development integration, public works integration, logistics and transportation integration, environmental protection and safety integration and management service integration". The park is a national petrochemical base. The park is equipped with large-scale power supply, water supply, heating, drainage, water treatment and other engineering facilities, regularly inspect the safety production work, arrange various safety production training, and organize emergency rescue drills for the leakage of dangerous chemicals. Location advantages facilitate the company's production and operation, especially in terms of environmental protection and safety production.

(2) Comprehensive management advantages in environmental protection and safety production
Environmental protection and safety production are the basis for the development and growth of chemical enterprises. The company attaches great importance to environmental protection and safety production and has never had environmental protection and safety accidents. The company has been rated as an advanced unit of safety production in Nanjing Chemical Industry Park for many consecutive years; Jiangsu Work Safety Association certification company is a class II Enterprise (chemical industry) in work safety standardization; In 2019, the company was rated as the first batch of 19 environmental protection trust protection enterprises in Nanjing by Nanjing Environmental Protection Bureau; In 2020, the company was rated as a class a enterprise in the 2019 enterprise green comprehensive evaluation of the science and technology park by the Management Office of Nanjing Jiangbei new materials science and technology park; In 2020, the company was rated as Nanjing 2020 environmental protection demonstration enterprise and institution by Nanjing ecological environment bureau.